BWT Water Softener

Omega the new service partner for BWT Water Softeners

BWT (Best Water Technology) are a world wide manufacturer and distributor of water softeners and filtration systems and have been since 1990. They develop  environmentally friendly and economic water treatment products and services and Omega are delighted to be working alongside such a worldwide organisation.

The commercial catering sector faces many challenges when it comes to water filtration, with many varying factors and many different types of equipment its not always obvious that filtration or softening is required, its normally when a breakdown occurs that organisations then realise that a water filtration product is needed. Read more

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Omega use eBay as Sales Channel for Used Catering Equipment

Omega have found the best and quickest way to sell their refurbished catering equipment is to use the eBay platform as one of their sales channels. Internet giants eBay are a big player in the sale of used catering equipment and we see more and more listings for used catering equipment every week. Read more

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Omega’s Catering Equipment Rental Scheme

As an extra value service offered by Omega Technical Services in Wrexham, Omega have launched a scheme by where they will have commercial catering equipment on standby for emergency breakdowns.

There are numerous occasions where Omega get called out where a first time fix isn’t achievable due to obscure parts or limited access in a busy kitchen or in a compact busy pub bar, its these circumstances which may warrant an emergency swap out of equipment. Omega are collating individual pieces of equipment ready to roll out the equipment rental scheme to its customers such as glass washers, dishwashers, fryers and ovens to start with. Read more