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Omega use eBay as Sales Channel for Used Catering Equipment

Omega have found the best and quickest way to sell their refurbished catering equipment is to use the eBay platform as one of their sales channels. Internet giants eBay are a big player in the sale of used catering equipment and we see more and more listings for used catering equipment every week.

Many companies are now looking at eBay as a serious selling channel for their products and services. It’s growing number of users and auction style trading are the key to rapid sales, and for consumers, bargain purchases. Omega have explored eBay by offering used commercial catering equipment to the growing second hand market, which is proving to be fast paced and demanding. In this economy companies and individuals are looking for the best money can buy, whether thats new or used equipment.

Omega still want to be known for quality goods, thats why every piece of equipment that is sold is put through a rigorous service and maintenance procedure before being offered for sale. If its not 100% then it doesn’t leave the door, apart from the usual cosmetic marks all our equipment is tested to component level so that the equipment functions as the manufacturer intended it to.

This coupled with inviting prices at a fraction of the original manufacturers list price makes a great saving for the consumer. To see what Omega are currently selling, check out this page.