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Omega’s Catering Equipment Rental Scheme

As an extra value service offered by Omega Technical Services in Wrexham, Omega have launched a scheme by where they will have commercial catering equipment on standby for emergency breakdowns.

There are numerous occasions where Omega get called out where a first time fix isn’t achievable due to obscure parts or limited access in a busy kitchen or in a compact busy pub bar, its these circumstances which may warrant an emergency swap out of equipment. Omega are collating individual pieces of equipment ready to roll out the equipment rental scheme to its customers such as glass washers, dishwashers, fryers and ovens to start with.

What does this mean for the customer, well, if a call out came in on a Saturday afternoon from a pub who’s glass washer had just broken down, Omega would give the customer the option of having a temporary glass washer installed and their unit brought back to our workshop for repair. This way the customer is up and running in no time and we have the space and time to carry out an effective repair. There will be a small cost to the customer for the scheme to work, but this will outweigh the cost of the equipment being out of order and means you can carry on serving your customers with minimal fuss.

The scale of the cost will depend on the length of time the temporary equipment is needed, or the time required to carry out a successful repair. The scheme has already been trialled and many customers have benefitted from our quick turnaround of equipment and have commented how crucial this service has proved to be for their businesses. As we continue to improve our services and by thinking of new ways to improve them, we don’t just want to be your breakdown company, you’ll want us to be your service partner.

Available equipment and respective rates will appear on this website soon. Click here to see our rental equipment.