Commercial Catering Equipment Deep Clean

What is a Deep Clean?

A deep clean can take many forms, which can be known as oven cleaning, industrial cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning.

Deep cleaning is a specialist area that restores your equipment back to its original condition or as close to. Our deep clean service is offered to help reduce equipment breakdowns and unnecessary service calls as well as keeping your equipment efficient and hygienic.

Why you should deep clean your equipment

A commercial kitchen or food preparation area can be constantly in use from the crack of dawn through til midnight every single day. This puts enormous stress on when the equipment can be cleaned and how thoroughly it can be done. Whilst gastronorm trays and griddles will get cleaned in the dishwasher, who gets time to clean the combi oven or deep fat fryer? Who cleans behind the fan guards and around the elements? The answer is more than likely; nobody.

Did you know that carbon and fat is the biggest culprit in equipment breakdowns. A build up of carbon on an element can reduce its effectiveness and cause a breakdown of the element exterior causing it to become defective. Carbon build up around fan motors can also be a culprit, with restricted air flow around your appliance and when the carbon builds up behind the blade it can restrict the rotation of the motor causing it to work harder and in turn reduce the life of it. With some of the larger oven motors costing over £600 each, changing one of these because of a build up of carbon that could have been avoided can be quite annoying.

Its not only an equipment breakdown that suffers from insufficient cleaning, your equipment efficiency is also massively reduced. When air ducts, grills, filters, fan motors, elements, and guards get clogged up with carbon and fat you are actually reducing the cooking power of your appliance, which can lead to undercooked food or longer cooking times. It is quite common that we receive service calls to equipment that only requires a good clean.

It goes without saying the health and hygiene advantages a cleaned piece of equipment has over soiled equipment. With health and hygiene authorities clamping down on kitchens by issuing rated certificates that have to be displayed to the public, it is essential that your equipment’s cleanliness doesn’t let you down.

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Dirty Oven
  • Falcon Fryer Element Assembly – Workshop Deep Clean

  • Rear view of Element Assembly

  • Top View of Element Assembly

  • Cleaned Element Assembly

  • Clean view of Rear Element Assembly

  • Side View of Cleaned Element Assembly

3 main reasons you should keep your equipment clean:

  • Equipment Efficiency – clean equipment performs better
  • Equipment Breakdowns – reduce the service calls to your equipment
  • Equipment Hygiene – keep your equipment hygienic

Do you provide a routine check when you deep clean?

On every deep clean of an oven, fryer or general piece of kitchen equipment, a visual routine check is always carried out. This is part of the service and routine maintenance can be carried out at the same time as a deep clean.

For contracted customers there may already be routine parts that get changed on every clean, for non contracted customers, or for customers who want just a standard deep clean, no parts will be changed unless otherwise agreed.

What do you check?

We check all door seals or lid seals, all gaskets whether doors, lamp holders, drip trays, we check oven lamps are functional and that the lamp glass is still in tact, glass doors are checked for cracks or damage. We can also check and replace spray nozzles, neons, indicators and anything else that would fall under the basic visual check.

After the deep clean, the customer will receive a copy of the paperwork which will state any parts we recommend need changing. You will then know what to keep an eye on and we will replicate this data into our service database to help us with future service calls.

Is chemical used to clean the equipment?

The short answer is yes. We use chemical of varying degrees of intensity depending on what requires cleaning. All our chemical is sourced from a leading chemical manufacturer in the UK who have spent the last few decades researching on making their chemicals more effective and less harmful to the user and environment. Here is an overview of the main chemicals we use to clean your equipment:

Activ HD

Activ HD imageActiv HD is a premium ready to use high alkaline oven cleaner with an extended foam lance sprayer.

  • Removes burnt on and carbonised oils, fats and food residues.
  • Clings to surfaces for increased contact time and reduced run off.
  • Visible coverage so reducing waste.
  • Heavy duty cleaner.
  • Rinses freely with water after cleaning.
  • Extended sprayer improves the reach and helps minimise inhalation risk.

Activ Oven Cleaner
Premium ready to use powerful foaming oven cleaner.

  • Effectively removes stubborn grease and carbon build up from ovens, griddles and cookers
  • Clinging foam action ensures effective cleaning
  • Suitable for use within catering establishments and professional kitchens
  • Medium to heavy duty cleaner
S2 Sanitiser

S2 Catering Sanitiser
S2 Catering Sanitiser – fast acting catering sanitiser, safe for use in the food environment

  • Suitable for use on all food production surfaces and equipment.
  • Cuts through grease and dried food debris.
  • Biocidal action is effective against a wide range of bacteria, including E-coli.
  • Non perfumed, leaving strictly no taints or odour.
  • Broad spectrum biocidal action passes EN1276 in 30 seconds
Stainless Cleaner

Stainless Cleaner
Stainless Steel Cleaner and Brightener 

  • Removes finger marks, water marks and scuffs from stainless steel doors and cabinets
  • Ready to use
  • Non perfumed
  • Use on stainless steel, chrome plate, brass and anodised surfaces
  • Cleans and brightens in one application
  • Ideal for improving the cosmetic appearance of cabinets etc
  • Leaves a protective film that resists finger marks, water marks and staining
Glass Cleaner

Window Clean
Window Clean

  • Removes nicotine stains, grease, traffic film, insects, general soiling and dust from all glass surfaces
  • Highly effective for first time cleaning
  • Non abrasive, so leaves no dusting or marking
  • Removes the toughest soiling from windows inside and out
  • Lightly fragranced
  • Easy action
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