Dishwasher / Glasswasher Repairs and Maintenance

Omega Technical Services repair, service, maintain and recondition glass washers / dishwashers in Wrexham, Chester and in the North West. The glasswasher / dishwasher can be a very important and dependant piece of equipment in your kitchen. Often overlooked as to how important it really is until it breaks down which leaves you with a headache when it does.

Fortunately, Omega have a lot of experience in this field, we always carry out a cost effective repair wherever we can, we don’t believe in charging for and changing what doesn’t need to be changed. You can be confident that a full diagnosis and repair will be carried out by qualified Omega engineers. It’s not only repairs that we offer, we can offer refurbished units, servicing contracts and also regular maintenance.

To back up our service, we can offer replacement glass washers / dishwashers on a temporary hire for minimal disruption meaning that you can carry on with your day while we take your unit away for a repair in our workshop. That way we’re not under your feet in your busy kitchen or behind the bar. For us, we get to carry out a full diagnosis and test of your machine, we have the space and extra tools needed for an effective repair and for you, you have the convenience of minimal disruption and continued service for your customers.

With our no nonsense approach, we will tell you when a repair is no longer cost effective in our experience, this way you can decide whether its time to invest in new or carry on with the repair. Backed up with our internal service database, if the calls are regular to the same glasswasher / dishwashers, or even over a period of time, we can advise you exactly what the unit has already cost you and exactly what has previously been repaired, this can help you make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Sometimes taking a unit out of the kitchen is not a viable proposition, in these situations it is recommended that you take out a service contract so that regular maintenance is carried out and potential issues eradicated before they happen. Along with the service contract and depending on the age of the glasswasher / dishwashers, we would carry critical parts in stock meaning that a first time fix would be achievable. On a non service contract unit, a reactive repair is still possible, it might just take a day or so to source the spares for a particular glasswasher / dishwasher.

Whatever your requirement, repair, refurb, maintenance or a service, if you want your appliance in good hands, give Omega a call on 01978 851114.



We go through rinse or detergent aid every day or two...

This could be down to your detergent / rinse aid pumps staying on. Generally the opposite normally happens to these pumps, they tend to not work efficiently but sometimes they can get a feed of power from an open solenoid valve or faulty timer which causes them to pulse most of the time. This will also have an adverse effect on the washing, too much of rinse or detergent fluid can taint the glasses / dishes and leave extra residue which in glasses, will cause beer to lose its head and go flat quickly.

We don’t seem to go through detergent or rinse aid very quickly...

The rate at which you go through rinse aid or detergent very much depends on the make, capacity and model of your dishwasher / glasswasher, along with your usage. Every manufacturers dosage of cleaning fluid is different due to the length of the washing / rinse cycles and tank capacities. There are many variations of dosing pumps and although many manufacturers use the same brand of pump, they all vary with the amount the pump uses.

If you have noticed a decline in the amount of detergent or rinse aid that your glasswasher / dishwasher is using then you might need to have it checked out. Its not all bad news, most pumps are serviceable meaning that only the internal bladder needs changing and not the whole pump. As the bladder in the pump is subject to continuous movement, this is the most common part that requires changing regularly.

Many things can cause the pump not to work properly, it may even be a sign that other parts of the appliance aren’t working correctly, for example if a relay has blown, this could cause the pumps to stop and possibly also other main components which may not be immediately noticeable.

The glasswasher / dishwasher won’t stop filling up and floods...

This is also a common fault, normally caused by 2 components, not both, but normally one or the other. You could have an inlet solenoid which sticks open and therefor won’t close when its supposed to, or, your pressure switch could be faulty. The pressure switch measures the pressure inside the main cavity and then switches off the incoming water supply via the solenoid valve when the pressure activates the switch, when the correct water level is reached.

If the fault is intermittent, it only floods sometimes, then its pointing towards the inlet solenoid valve sticking open intermittently.

My glasses / pots come out cold but the tank is hot...

Ok, so the temperature of the water in the main wash tank is hot, but your glasses / pots come out cold? This points to the rinse tank water not heating up. The final stage of the wash is the boiling water from the rinse tank, if the rinse tank is pumping cold water then there could be a fault with either the heating element or the thermostat. There are a number of other factors that could cause the rinse tank element not to heat, but those are the most obvious ones.

I can hear the motor but the glasswasher does not wash...

This could be down to a number of different things, one thing to check first is to remove the centre wash/rinse arm and check that the centre boss is clear of debris. Normally smashed glass if not completely removed from the cavity can make its way around the pump system and consequently block the orifices that feed the wash arms. Sometimes a pump removal / centre boss removal is required to fully dislodge the blockage. Also check wash arms are not blocked as this will have an adverse effect when the motor is trying to pump. Use the same principal if the wash seems sluggish or the arms stop rotating, if there is a blockage then this will restrict the speed and the power of the wash arms / wash cycle.

Consequently, the wash pump’s propellor could also become detached or worn and this will also have a similar effect.